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PAYE Remittance and Other Taxes
PAYE Remittance and Other Taxes
How to Generate EPRR for Tax remittances

To generate EPRR for your PAYE remittance you need to first get your self-service accounts simply take the following steps:
  1. Download and fill the Enugu State Social Benefit Number (ESBN) creation form here
  2. Send scanned copy of filled form to us via or You will get your ESBN and self service login details via mail within 24 hours
  3. Visit from your web browser and “Login” with your ESBN.
  4. Upload your staff details on the Self-Service Portal using an excel template that is provided. Download the template for creating Employees by clicking on the “download template” link or “Download the excel template first” link from the portal.
    N:B; You are advised to save the downloaded template in a secure folder on your computer, as the template is re-useable and may be re-uploaded where there are new staffs added.
  5. Click on “PAYE Remittance” tab from dashboard or Navigation bar.
  6. Click on “Add Employee(s) to schedule”, then click on “From Excel Template” or simply click on the “Add Employee(s) to schedule” link.
  7. Click “Download Staff List” link to download the excel template of PAYE schedule of your current staff list fill in amount of PAYE to be remitted for each Employee in the “Amount to be remitted” column of the downloaded template
  8. Upload the schedule
  9. An EPRR will be generated upon successful upload.
You can make payments at any bank branch, using the generated EPRR.

How to Remit Other Taxes (e.g Withholding Taxes)

To remit tax classified as “Other Taxes”, e.g Withholding taxes, take the following steps:
  1. Click on “Other Tax” tab from your dashboard after logging in.
  2. Click on “New Tax” from the top right corner of the corresponding page
  3. Fill in the details of your remittance (Period of remittance), by selecting ‘Fiscal Year’. ‘Start Date’, ‘End Date’, and ‘Total Payable’ (Amount you wish to remit).
  4. Confirm your remittance to generate EPRR.
You can download a userguide from the top right side of the portal for detailed guide.


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